Friday, 3 June 2016

The Ultimate Urban Cross

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.

When it comes to going out on a drive, the very first thought that occurs our mind is that it has to be comforted. Comfort and ease while driving is the most crucial thing. The new Nissan Datsun – redi – Go is a perfect solution to this. The new ride not just provides comfort while driving but also includes many other features which make this vehicle a must try. Datsun redi – Go is a product of our very own Nissan, a brand which has always kept its promise of delivering the best to its customers. A brand which ensures that we just don’t drive but we drive with pride. Having said that the brand leaves no stone unturned while manufacturing this beautiful product. Let us look at some of its key features which make the car so unique and amazing.

The Datsun redi – Go has this amazing exterior and designing. The car has a robust stance with a sporty design and look of the car, which hakes it very popular among the younger generation. Besides the overall look of the vehicle is very smooth and sleek giving it an edge over the other vehicle designs.

Not just the exteriors, the interiors of the car are also very spacious and luxurious. The car gives you enough space to fit in a family of five people. It’s always important to be able to travel with a lot of comfort especially when you travel with family. Also keeping in mind that you have young kids, the ride has to be super comfortable. Having said that the new Nissan Datsun redi – Go ensures that this issue is looked into and has provided us with a spacious car interior for a comfortable travel. The car also has a very modern interior like a very modern and urban dashboard, this makes the overall feel of travelling very joyful and pleasant.

An option of having power windows is like a true blessing to both the driver as well as the other co-travellers. When you travel with people there is always a person who would either want the windows to be rolled up or down and keeping this in mind, the new ride by Nissan has ensured the driver is not frequently disturbed by such requests and that there is an option for a power window, which allows the co-driver to do the working and in turn cater to the requests of windows rolled up and down.
Yet another feature of the car or modern way of launching the car would be its availability on the India’s largest e-commerce site, which is Snap deal. A consumer now has an option to pre-book the car online. This facility by Nissan Datsun redi – Go proves that the vehicle wants to cater to the modern needs of the consumers.

A few other features of the car would include its fuel efficiency and its supreme air conditioning. Both the features are a must have for vehicles considering the climatic conditions in India. Therefore,all these features make this a superb fit for the Indian consumers and their demands.

A reason why and where I would test drive this vehicle, the answer to which will be, I will test drive the vehicle in Delhi keeping in mind the soaring temperatures, I would want to test the air conditioning and fuel efficiency of the car.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Airtel 4G

Well I remember the days when getting a sim card or getting a phone for that matter was a great achievement or possession in itself. I briefly remember how I got my first phone, the most basic one indeed where calling and messaging were the only features that were used in a phone. And now the times have changed and I believe they have changed for the good. A lot of people criticize and may oppose this and rather blame it on adoption of western culture, but I am of a different opinion and I believe this change has got us good and progress. I am so glad to have a smart phone today, a phone which is really smart in all aspect, be it calling or messaging I can use them at minimal costs, thanks to yet another development in the field of technology, we now have Internet. An internet which does not function at the speed of a rabbit but a speed which is tremendously good and can now help download movies and videos at an unbelievably great speed.

With the birth of Airtel 4G, I think we have made a great progress and achievement. Today watching a video on YouTube or surfing the internet to get directions, it is all possible with Airtel 4G. I personally am a great fan of English serials and enjoy watching them especially while I am travelling. Thanks to the internet speed I have never been able to successfully complete even a single episode, by the time the episode buffers and continues to resume from where it lost connectivity, I am half way through my destination and almost loose interest in watching it. But now with Airtel 4G and the promising commercials of the company, I am sure to watch multiple episodes and be on pace with my favourite serials.

From watching television shows to getting directions when lost, it will all be so much simpler and convenient with the introduction of Airtel 4G. One can now navigate and get around places without losing connectivity or without having to dependent upon on people to get directions. Well, these ae just a few things that one can do with the help of a faster internet connection. The use and benefits are unlimited.

To sum it up, I must applaud Airtel and must certainly appreciate them for this great development and introduction to the Indian masses, it surely is a sign of progress for us. I can now make use of Airtel 4G from baking to dancing, because now everything is available at the click of a button and without losing connectivity. The price for the connection is amazing as one does not have to bother to shell out that extra money to enjoy better connectivity. Thank you Airtel for giving us the freedom to empower ourselves with Airtel 4G. I am going to get my Airtel 4G now, what are you waiting for?

Use Airtel 4G and empower yourself!

Friday, 10 July 2015

Honey Diet

Why are all healthy diets so boring in taste and why is that they are not as good as the junk? If only broccoli and brinjal tasted as good as panner tikkas and pizzas then one would never have to worry about eating healthy food. This is because the taste buds easily help gulp down such foods. Also there would be no regret of eating junk food which come with a trouble of those extra unnecessary fat around the belly.

So yes clearly healthy food wins over junk as eating junk food doesn’t just accumulate unnecessary fat around the belly but it is also very bad for our health. Right from belly fats to skin problems and to feeling lazy all day round I have been through all when I was practically living on junk food and faced all these problems. Blame it on the modern society or the adaption of the western culture or blame it on my work, it has somewhere also lead to misbalancing my diet.

And then there came a time when I figured out that what’s the point of earning so much money by working for long hours at the office when I have no time for myself and no time to take care of my health. I was putting on unnecessary weight and that’s when I thought I should take up to crash dieting. Since I was so busy with work I did not bother going to the dietitian, I just took up to crash dieting where I survived only on liquids. I ate nothing all day round. It had an adverse effect on my body as I worked for so long and since I would not eat anything, my body had absolutely no energy and no stamina. I started to feel very weak and that’s when I realized that it’s time I took a day off and consulted a doctor.

When I did so, I was told that eating a balanced diet is the way to a healthy body. A balanced and a healthy diet includes eating fruits, vegetables, green leafy vegetables, less of potato, more of spinach, drinking loads of juice, avoiding sugar, etc. Sugar is present in large quantities in aerated drinks and that’s why they are considered to be bad for our health. Although we have diet cokes which contain lesser sugar but yet it doesn’t have the same taste. In this case where you wish to give up on sugar so that you can make it to that perfect consider a Honey Diet- adding honey to your water, honey on your bread instead of jam or butter or any such spread can help you stay fit and healthy. Thus eat right and help your body stay in shape at all times.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

UC Browser

Cricket runs in the blood of every Indian. It is a sport that is watched and played by all. It is a perfect weekend pass time for the young boys and a perfect time out for the busy men. Ladies also enjoy watching the game and have their favorites there (Yes ladies I am talking about our Captain Cool, Kohli and the other super talented cricketers)

The days of world cup and T20s and other important matches are equally or more important for the Indian audience as they are for the cricketers themselves. Nobody wants to miss on those amazing and super entertaining matches. The IPL matches have their own charm. It is so much of fun watching and supporting your favorite team.

Well life is not a bed of roses, right? How much ever we like watching these matches we might not always be able to watch them. Some important meeting to attend, some important function that you cannot skip, some exam or some or the other event that we are bound to attend.

Talking about an important function, I remember there was my cousin’s wedding on the day of the world cup and how some of our close relatives actually called up and said that we should consider postponing the wedding as many guests would skip the wedding for the match. That’s when we decided to have the LCD at the marriage hall for all the cricket lovers. As expected the eyes were more on when the batsman hits a six and less on when the bride and the bride groom take the wedding vows.

Today I wonder why didn’t they rather watch the match online? It would not only cut down on the cost of the LCD but that way even the couple would get the desired attention. Works well for both, doesn’t it?

Watching matches online is now much easier than what it was in the past. You don’t have to wait anymore for somebody to upload the video online on YouTube, etc. There is live streaming of matches on various apps and websites. While these sites let you watch the match on time and stay update with the latest scores, some of the browsers take too long to open and then longer to load. This doesn’t only add up to the surfing cost but it also make this entire watching match online thing tedious.

Well there is this amazing browser to our rescue which ensures that watching a match online is easy and fun. The browser is called UC browser. You can surf all and surf fast on this browser. More like this browser is especially designed to give the cricket lovers a real treat. With its UC Cricket feature one can check the score and latest news about the game without having to google or check with friends time and again. Not just the match of cricket but other social networking sites, etc. can all be accessed on this browser.


Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Twice As Nice

Hi everyone,
It is indeed amazing to have a company with you. It makes thing work better and much wiser. It not only reduces the work but also there is an exchange of thoughts, creativity and lots more. This time I had a chance to collaborate with my blogger friend for this lovely activity by Garnier called the #TwiceAsNice.

This activity started off by sending us samples of the two products which when used together would make our skin twice as nice. The idea was of writing up an article in collaboration with a friend for the very same reason – it would be twice as nice in this case.
The power of two is really great. It actually is a lot of fun to do things in a team than doing them alone. There is exchange of ideas which will help both the people to prosper equally. The power of two is such that it makes anything twice as nice.

Now have a look at the Garnier products that we received as a part of this activity. Garnier pure active apricot scrub and Garnier pure active neem face wash were the two products that formed the #TwiceAsNice range.

The face wash did the work of cleansing while the scrub helped moisturise and smoothen the skin for both of us. The scrub helped our skin become smoother and there was noticeable difference, we both really could make out. The face wash on the other hand had neem and tea tree oil extracts which helped to purify the skin and also helped to cleanse it and thus remove impurities and excess oil.

We both loved the Twice as nice combo. Recommend you all to try it J

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Redefine your smartphone experience

Smartphone are these days used by everyone. Even the local sellers these days are using phones. Gone are the days when phones were only for the rich, today they can be afforded my one and all. Phones these days are not just a want or some object that you can show-off about but they are now an important mode of communication.

While the basic functions of calling and messaging are provided by all phones. The ones providing features like camera, music, etc. are called smartphones. There are a plenty of smart phones to choose from. Right from Apple to Nokia. All sorts and kinds of phones are available. These phones are available with distinct features and have huge price difference too.

Let’s get talking about the different features that a smartphone should have:
1.       Good camera
2.       Good memory
3.       Good battery life
4.       Great speed
5.       Good sound
6.       Should look good
7.       Should be reasonably priced

These would be the basic requirements of a common man while buying any smartphone. But the problem comes here there are phones that have a few of these features and not all. So what does a common man do?

A common man buys ASUS Zenfone 2. This phone according to me is the smartest of all the smartphones. This phone in particular is the world’s, mind it the WORLD’s only phone with 4 GB RAM (Random Access Memory). RAM for those who don’t know about phones is needed for good speed. With 4 GB Ram your phone would probably be running. No chance of hanging at all. It is the speed at which the data is transferred from one part to the other, 4 GB is great sorry greatest speed ever.

Next what is so good about this phone that I am all praise for it is that it’s amazing pixel camera. This smartphone, ASUS Zenfone 2’s PixelMaster camera captures stunning, high-resolution pictures with zero shutter-lag. Simply put, amazing camera experience.

Not just the pixel is so good but also one can absolutely do without a flash with this smartphone. It clicks 400% brighter pictures at night and thus one can do away with a flash.
So great speed, amazing camera what else would you ask for?

Charging phones is quite a task. Every time you keep your phone for charging and you get a message and then you just forget about charging. Well ASUS Zenfone 2 takes care of this too. It supports ASUS- exclusive technology that charges devices faster than usual. It charges 605 in 39 minutes which is brilliant.

It looks amazingly stylish and is available in such good colours. Sleek, smart and amazingly stylish.

I have enough and more reasons to call this smartphone the best ever and it would truly redefine the experience of smartphone. 

Monday, 23 March 2015


One must always ensure that a healthy diet helps one live a
healthy life and a healthy living. And hence a healthy meal is what is most
important for a healthy living. When it comes to food, one must never
compromise, a good food gives one the required nutrients and supplements that
are required by the body. Now, when it comes to starting your day with food, it
the morning Nashta or breakfast which is the first meal of the day. I am sure
you must have all heard about the famous saying which goes like, eat your
breakfast like a rich man and then your lunch like a middle class man and the
last meal which is your dinner must be like that of a beggar. Well there is a
valid and important reason why people say this. The reason is because that is
how our body is programmed and functions in that style. There is no harm is
eating food, but there is a limit and proportion in which our body needs food. One
cannot over do with food, any such thing affects the body badly and disrupts
our schedule, and so we must never compromise on good food.

When it comes to my breakfast I prefer starting my day with
some refreshing food, like fruits and some healthy dry fruits is what I would
prefer my day to start with. I am a milk lover and so all milk products are
always welcome for me, so my ideal breakfast must have a mix of all for sure,
it helps me with the required strength and stamina to keep me on my toes all
day, and lively given my profession. And so I am really looking forward to
enjoy my morning breakfast at Guptaji’s place, which is going to have a proper
mix of all the above that I need to kick start my day.

I am going to Guptaji’s place to have some mouth-watering
strawberry and banana cornflakes, the meal will have a proper proportionate of
fruits along with my favourite milk and of course cornflakes to complete the
nutrients to my breakfast. The main reason why I am so eager and excited to go
to Guptaji’s place is because the breakfast is not too heavy nor is it too
light that will keep me hungry again. At the same time it helps me finish my
breakfast soon, as I don’t need to separately eat fruits, and then milk. It is
a quick meal with all nutrients, required for my body. I am going to relish
this one for sure, with some yum flavour of strawberry and banana. A perfect
start this one is for my day!

Here is the link to some more healthy food recipes: