Saturday, 31 January 2015

Pimple Problem

Holla folks! Pimple here, pimple there, pimple everywhere. This is every teenager's story, ain't it?

Okay I do know that they are a part of growing up and all of that but still they make one look so ugly no! Everybody has had pimple problems and I am confident when I say that nobody likes or wants them. So pimples, when you all are so unwanted and hated, why don't you just go like go away and never come back you ugly thing!

It was a dream date. My long time crush had finally asked me out. I being a little shy couldn't take the first step so I waited until he did. Everything was set, it was all well planned. Right from what I was going to wear to what was I gifting him. We had decided to have our first date on a roof top of one of the best restaurants, a little over budget it was but he said that he had been planning this long. So it was all going very well and it was almost like a fairy tale.

Well well, every story has a villain. So was in my case. IT WAS A PIMPLE, a big and a ugly one. As I already mentioned I am a little shy anyway and with this pimple on my face I had just given up on my confidence. My morale was shattered. The day I had been waiting for since many years was finally here but this pimple just came in and shattered all my dreams. I didn't want to go on my first date with a pimple on my face. EWWW..

So I did what I still regret of. I cancelled the date :( I had to cancel my dream date only because of a pimple on my face. Never after that did we go on a date, he thought I was making excuses. Well boy! I too was dying to have that date with you (somebody please tell him)

From that day onwards, I made up my mind. I decided that I am not going to let pimples ruin my life any further. I used all that one possibly can to get rid of these pimples. Tried every pack and followed all diets but it did no good. Then I came across this amazing face wash which actually did wonders for my skin.

It is GARNIER PURE ACTIVE NEEM FACEWASH. It has goodness of neem and helps fight pimples better than any other face wash. I am all praise for it because-

  1. It is a natural ingredient like extract of neem leaf and tea tree oil.
  2. It helps control oil which is the major cause of pimples.
  3. It helps fight germs and pollution.
  4. It also helps get rid of marks.
  5. It also helps to get rid of the redness accompanying the pimples.

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